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the restaurant industry.

An ESG company that successfully registers social significance

  • Demonstrate transparency in management

  • Eco-friendly business

  • Upgraded corporate values

  • Social contribution through job creation

Commitment to CO-WORK

An agile organization that implements collaboration though small teams

We deliver optimal results through an organic and flexible work format.

All technologies for operating
in the restaurant industry
are united through the the Hankyung Comm. Platform.

Hankyung Comm. Platform

  1. 01 Restaurant brand business

  2. 02 Investment accelerator

  3. 03 Hands-on entrepreneurship training

Hankyung Comm. e-commerce Establishment of an online global distribution network


Industry-leading technology The center of the Korean franchise business story.

Hands-on technology through experience is
Hankyung Comm.’s greatest asset.

  • Young Dabang

    Young Dabang boasts tteokbokki featuring 40cm long rice cakes and premium toppings. Top quality toppings such as brisket and whole squid, as well as butter garlic french fries as our signature side dish, grab the attention of customers, because they can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of gender or age.

  • Eunhwasoo Restaurant

    For the middle-aged and older customers, it represents a vague memory of the light western food they ate as children, and for younger customers, it is a place where they can feel style and good vibes at a reasonable price. Overall, it is a brand that can span all generations.

  • Chichi

    Korea's first bar with great appetizers, Chichi is a unique brand with a new concept that offers a variety of unique dishes in small quantities at low prices.

  • Roomjung

    Roomjung, a hotel-style bar, offers customers a new experience through a newly developed tablet system.

  • Nonda Singing Town

    It is a brand that allows karaoke customers to experience events such as new orders, song selections, and various games that they have never seen before. Within the basic framework of karaoke singing, it leads a new karaoke trend through competition among customers and reward programs.

  • Solsot

    Solsot is a brand of young entrepreneurs discovered and invested in by Hankyung Comm., which shares its growth with. Solsot is a brand specializing in pot rice, a Korean-style interpretation of Japanese kamameshi. It started in Gwangju and currently operates about 70 stores nationwide.

  • Paranmanjan

    Paranmanjan presents a new lifestyle to tired modern people. Specialty coffee, four new types of Americano, diverse menu, healing store interior, and Blue Key, Paranmanjan's character that brings happiness, provide new value to customers.

  • Samduk Chicken

    Samduk Chicken, which started in Samdeok-dong, Daegu, the mecca of chicken, fries chicken in a cauldron to provide a crispier texture, and various sauces developed in-house deliver a new chicken taste to customers.

  • Futoru

    Futoru is a Korean interpretation of Japan's Futomaki, and is a brand that serves healthy kimbap targeting young women.

Hankyung System lab

We design a safe and robust dining business platform
with a specialized system built over many years.

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